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Written and designed by a fully recovered gambling addict, Quit The Casino has been created to help all those struggling with gambling addiction find a full recovery and leave their addiction in the past. Quit The Casino aims to analyse the addiction itself to enable understanding. It will help you learn what drives us all to continue the destructive gambling addiction cycle with an emphasis on understanding what made you get to that point in the first place.

About Quit The Casino

Quit The Casino is a free online resource offering gambling therapy to anyone affected by gambling addiction. Written and created by someone with extensive experience of gambling addiction, Quit The Casino is a one-stop collection of blogs and educational resources. Quit The Casino aims to be a resource that ultimately prevents harm caused by gambling addiction.  By building a community of shared experience in one place, Quit The Casino aims to deliver help no matter where  you may be.

Quitting Gambling

Quitting gambling can seem like a big ask and a daunting step to take. However, it’s important to realise that all any addiction provides you with is a brief escape from whatever it is in life that you’re running from. Once you’re addicted, you then have the added pressure of running from the carnage that the addiction caused in the first place, as well as your original problems!

That’s where gambling therapy comes in, and I want to help anyone who has an issue with gambling no matter what form it takes. I created Quit The Casino to do that by creating a community of shared experience as well as all the resources you need in one place to break the chain of addiction.

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