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How To Stop Gambling

Q: Who are you?

A: Quit The Casino is a free & privately funded website aimed at helping all those affected by gambling addiction.

Q: Is that a company?

A: Quit The Casino is not for profit and free for all members on sign-up.

Q: Why the site? What makes you think you can help?

A: Quit The Casino is written by former gamblers for the benefit of all those affected by gambling addiction and may be looking to quit. The content is based on decades of experience living with this under discussed horrendous addiction. 

Q: Is the site just for people addicted to casinos?

A: Not at all! Quit The Casino is for everyone affected by all forms of gambling addiction. The content does focus a lot on casinos but you’ll find it translates to everything you can gamble on.

Q: Why should I subscribe?

A: Because you’ll receive genuinely useful content designed to help you. You’ll also be notified of new content and gain access to the community. 

Q: Why do you encourage friends and family to subscribe?

A: Family and peer support is one of the most valuable tools available to leave this addiction behind you. By providing a welcoming environment to everyone affected by gambling, it will also help them to understand the addiction so they can help you too.

Q: What’s your long term goal for QuitTheCasino?

A: To help as many people as possible. And to force the gambling industry to do more to protect those vulnerable to gambling addiction. Quit The Casino would like to see far less commercials and programme sponsorship for gambling operators in the media.


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