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Quit The Casino is a free online resource available to anyone seeking help for gambling addiction. Written and created by someone with extensive experience of gambling addiction, Quit The Casino is a one-stop collection of articles, blogs and useful information designed to give you the motivation to quit gambling for good and move on with your life.

Quit The Casino has a growing knowledge base that discusses topics ranging from why you might gamble, mental health issues, debt management and everything in between.

Quit The Casino is still a young website but aims to give you every possible help for gambling addiction in just one place. 

About Pete

Pete is a 40 something professional from the north of England where he works full time for the emergency services. Pete considers himself to be a recovered (rather than recovering) gambling addict after severe addiction caused over 25 years worth of carnage and building debts that would make most people want to disappear and assume a new identity.

Pete has extensive life experience drawn from an eventful upbringing and an even more eventful occupation in the public sector. He has now turned his attention to providing gambling addiction help to anyone who needs it.  With over 25 years personal experience of gambling addiction, Pete considers himself to be a perfect example of how it can ruin lives…And a great example of how it can be overcome.

Quit the casino in pete’s own words

I created Quit The Casino in May 2019, but it actually began life as a series of journals written on simple word documents. I never had an intention at that time to create a website. However, I found that writing the journals became therapeutic, and as I continued to write I realised that what I was actually doing was finally making sense of a severe addiction that spanned more than 25 years.
Having had that realisation, I also noticed that what I had written made a lot of sense in terms of how the average gambling addict would function. I then began to wonder if I could use my experience to help others and Quit The Casino was born. However it wasn’t exactly that simple and I had to learn lots of new skills from scratch, but If I can provide any form of help for gambling addiction and prevent others going through the nightmare, I’ll be happy!

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