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Gambling Addiction

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Written by Pete Latham

March 5, 2020


I BET MY LIFE! tells a story. It’s also an interactive educational presentation designed for young audiences aged 15 and over. Written and presented by Pete Latham- a former compulsive gambler, I BET MY LIFE! aims to deliver an honest account of this under-discussed addiction in a country where gambling addiction is on the rise.

There are currently close to half a million problem gamblers in the UK and gambling has never been more accessible. Advertisements for gambling related products are near saturation and young adults are clearly a prime target market. I BET MY LIFE! wants to address this and give its audience facts delivered by someone who knows all too well the harm gambling addiction can cause.

Topics Covered

I BET MY LIFE! doesn’t seek to tell its audience never to gamble. However, it does provide a very personal (and sometimes powerful)  account of gambling addiction which Pete manages to  deliver with good humour to lighten the tone. Although I BET MY LIFE! is a factual presentation, gambling addiction statistics are kept to a minimum to ensure it remains memorable and relatable.

I BET MY LIFE! isn’t just about gambling addiction though. It focuses heavily on the actual cause in order to promote self-awareness. Pete’s story touches on many of the issues that young people still struggle with today, and identifies the potential correlation between them and self-destructive behaviour which is often addiction based.

I BET MY LIFE! promotes kindness to others and teaches that we should all have an understanding about what others may be going through. Pete discusses numerous topics based on his own childhood experiences with the emphasis on looking after one’s own mental health to reduce the chances of addiction in later life.

I BET MY LIFE! doesn’t look to shock or depress its audience and the presentation is always age appropriate. Pete recognises the differences in presenting to an audience aged 15/16 years as opposed to one aged 18/19 years. I BET MY LIFE! delivers a powerful educational message but is adaptable in its narrative to respect different audiences and cultural differences.

The full content of the presentation will be made available to teaching staff upon booking and prior to the presentation. Other topics included are:

  • Gambling advertising.

  • Why you can never win in the long-term.

  • Risk and odds.

  • House Edge and RTP.

  • Random number generators.

  • Responsibility.

In summary, I BET MY LIFE! is designed to inform and educate its audience enabling them to make informed choices rather than relying on the gambling industry’s clever marketing.

About Pete Latham

Pete Latham is a 40 something professional from the north of England where he works full time for the emergency services. Pete considers himself to be a recovered (rather than recovering) gambling addict after severe addiction caused over 25 years worth of carnage and building debts that would make most people want to run for the hills.

Pete has extensive life experience drawn from an eventful upbringing and an even more eventful occupation in the public sector. With over 25 years personal experience of gambling addiction, Pete considers himself to be a perfect example of how gambling addiction can ruin lives…And a great example of how it can be overcome.

Pete created Quit The Casino in 2019 as a means of self-thearpy and quickly realised he had developed an excellent analysis of his own addiction. I BET MY LIFE! was a natural progression of the website after he realised his story and analysis may actually be helpful to others. Both the website and presentation have become a passion that will hopefully help young people everywhere avoid the same pitfalls.

Pete Latham is security vetted, DBS checked and carries liability insurance.


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