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How To Stop Gambling

Written by Pete Latham

June 6, 2019

How To Gamble And Win

 Okay. Before I get started, I should apologise because I cannot tell you how to gamble and win. In fact, I’ll go a step further and make a bold statement. It doesn’t really matter whether or not you believe it when you first read it, but just go with it for now.


This means that you cannot break the bank at a casino, you cannot beat the bookies, there is no winning gambling system or magic formula, it’s impossible to tell if a slot machine will pay out, and there is no skill in roulette.

Some people reading this may well be thinking I’m talking rubbish especially if they have just had a large win at the casino or on the horses etc. However, I’m talking about winning long term and the people most likely to be reading this are those that know deep down that I’m telling the truth. Yes, you may have come out of the bookies or casino the other day in profit. Hell, on my penultimate visit to the casino I came out £900 up. Or you may have spoken to your neighbour Edna who told you of her win at the bingo last night, before going on to tell you that it came as such a relief after her double hip replacement…And what with Frank’s prostate and all…We all know someone like Edna.

The Gambling Winners & Exceptions To The Rule

So who are these casino winners? Who are these people that win on roulette, win on the horses, or win at bingo? We know they’re out there because we’ve all heard the stories. These are the stories you hear in day-to-day life that are mildly irritating and will often make you slightly envious. These stories are soon forgettable but re-enforce the subconscious misconception that you too can be like them. Examples of these stories are:

Your best mate Dave who won £500 after he opened an online casino account and got lucky on roulette.

Edna, your next door neighbour who had a big win at bingo last night.

The bloke at work with really bad breath who won £50k on a scratch card. 

These are all real life examples of how to gamble and win, and  they would seem to disprove my original statement that you cannot. There are many more stories like this and you may know of people like this. These people do exist and there is even a word for them. The word is ‘normal.’ Make no mistake folks, what sets these people aside is the fact they never go back. They count their blessings, realise their win was a fluke of luck, and move on with their lives. Or if they ever do go back it’s seldom and they can simply take it or leave it. These are the only people that truly win at gambling.

There’s Always One

And that just leaves the one guy, and we all know someone like him too. He’s the guy at work or down the pub that always has wins on the horses or whatever. He will always be keen to tell you of his success and you will be left wondering how he does it. I can reveal to you for the very first time the answer to that very question..


Yes he may have won £100 on a bet or whatever but what he won’t tell you is how many failed bets he placed that day or last week. He won’t tell you that the win is just a drop in the ocean compared to the losses of the 10 years that went before it and he certainly won’t tell you of his dread of getting his credit card bill and the increasingly desperate attempts to conceal his debit from his wife. A compulsive gambler will often share their success stories, and sometimes even tell you how to gamble and win. However, they will never tell you how much they’ve lost because their pointless cycle is their secret embarrassment. They will never tell you that their methods are fundamentally flawed.

How to gamble and win?

So where does all that leave folks like you and me? Well, whether or not we brag about our wins, unfortunately we are that guy at work, or down the pub. We are the people that need to realise that all of our wins are outnumbered by our losses and will always be so. We need to wake up from our gambling induced coma to realise we’ve been stuck in the most pointless of cycles and stop altogether. And we need to examine what kicked off that cycle in the first place to ensure we never go back.

So when asked, how to gamble and win,  I say, “you can never win.” By that, I mean, YOU can never win. WE can never win. Ever. I can however tell you how to stop…

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